The Thing about Chemistry

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I cannot believe I only heard this song yesterday for the first time. As a Mayondean, Mayondelite, still a work in progress, I must say I am deeply disappointed that this gem completely passed me. Well not quite.

The vibes in this song are just right. Tetu shani is an artist I am so grateful to have discovered albeit after everyone else. In a city that’s music industry is currently going through a ‘waking giant’ phase, Tetu Shani is reason to believe that we have it all right here. ‘Chemistry’ is a love song paying tribute to love at the ‘crush’ stage.



From the first chord he strikes ( yes, he plays the guitar), picture a picnic in the clouds. As a songwriter, Tetu’s style meshes blues and soft rock. His airy voice is very clear and distinct as well as ,surprisingly, very relaxing. He is very confident in his ability to deliver. There is something of honesty in his voice.


I am convinced Mayonde always has a smile on her face as she records her music. The richness in her voice brings just magic into this song. She fits perfectly into this piece. And her vocals always brings surprise harmonies.

The Thing about Chemistry

The bridge into the chorus is what makes this song such a beautiful love song. The waves sound during Tetu’s part brings and air of culmination and expectancy/excitement. Then it all unfolds when both voices merge in beautiful harmony.

The production was done by Jinku and you can hear lots of cosmic elements which he is well known for.

This piece has elements of timelessness. A complete classic.

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