How we turned 3

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Last Friday, Kenyan Music lovers and the Music fraternity showed up for the 3rd year anniversary celebration. The celebration which was hosted at Privee westlands saw a turnout of over 800 people.

It was the first time Industry Nite has been hosted on a Friday night. Also it was the first time Industry Nite was hosted at Privee. It was a nice warm night thanks to the drought being experienced on the horn of Africa, but this is important to as Privee is mostly an open air space under a marquee.


The excitemement was palpable as by 10pm the venue was already completely packed. The VJ Ace Cross started things off with Kenyan hiphop. DJ Hynotic then took over at 11 pm with an amazing Old Skool mix that got everyone on their feet.
The host , Kwambox, then got on the Mic and introduced the show.The crowd was treated to an array of amazing performances from Stonee Jiwe, Shally Maina, Ndegz, Mayonde, Phy, Kagwe Mungai, Fena, Muthoni Drummer Queen and Khaligraph Jones… Hosted by Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox.

Fena who started the year with a massive new single ‘Sema Ng’we’ is definitely one to watch this year. As soon as she hit the stage the audience was enchanted and sang along to each of her singles. It got to fever pitch when Gabu of P Unit joined her on stage to conclude her set.
Mayonde was also a crowd favorite as she pleased the audience with her impeccable vocals as well as her gyrating.
It is obvious that Kama Kawaida is a big tune. As soon as MDQ finished her set which included her new single Kenyan Message, she invited Kagwe Mungai,Mayonde and Fena on stage to join her on stage.The audience sang the lyrics word for word.
To conclude the night , Khaligraph Jones got on stage to the roars of an excited crowd. This man Khaligraph Jones is a real rap god. He delivered verse after verse , bar after bar in his usual finesse. He finally challenged any lady to join him on stage to his latest hit Micassa Sucassa . One brave lady impressed him so much , he gave her his chain. He is truly Papa Jones.

​It was a truly amazing night. The music, the crowd, and yes , the cake. Everyone who tasted that cake knows exactly what I mean when I say hats off to Coldstone Creamery for that cake.
All in all, it is amazing what is happening with Industry Nite in Nairobi. This is probably growing to be one of the biggest nights for Kenyan Music. It is amazing to know that you can go out and party all night listening to only home grown artists. Lets continue to love Kenyan music. Cant wait for April 7th. Mark your Calendars.
 Watch what went down  right here!!!

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